Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kitchen Makeover- Part 1

When we bought our *previously loved* home about four years ago, it was mostly white. I REALLY don’t like white walls! The only 2 rooms that were painted were the Master Bathroom and it was SALMON. Yes, ugly, peach! {shudder} The Study was/still is a “lovely” shade of gray with, you guessed it, wallpaper BORDER! (I think it’s been there a while). The Study will be my next room to conquer!

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, I wanted to make it warm and inviting. The only BEFORE pictures I have is of the kitchen. 100_3295

The Breakfast Room had very outdated wallpaper. Don’t you just LOVE that border??

I decided to tackle this room by removing as much of the wallpaper that would come off easily by just pulling. Then, I used Joint Compound that comes in the big 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot or Lowe’s.


I spread it over the walls using a cake spatula and flat trowel. It’s just like icing a cake. It’s very forgiving.

The Joint Compound goes on gray and as it dries, it turns white. You must let it completely dry for at least 24 hours.

I wanted my kitchen to be red, but since the plaster was very white, I needed to put a dark gray paint on first (didn’t get a picture of that, sorry)


I then painted it a great brick red. You can see the texture if you look closely.

Once the red was dry, I used a dry cotton cloth and rubbed antique tea stain glaze on top. It clung to the grooves and created depth. I love it!


The light fixture was very dated with the brass ring around the globe. I painted the ring with oil-rubbed bronze craft paint to buy us a little more time before replacing it. It works for now.

It was then time to tackle these….


The cabinets were “pickled” pink. Hmmmm.

I cleaned them really well with Krud Kutter (available at any home improvement store and Walmart) until my cloth was completely clean. Then, I mixed an oil-based honey colored paint with an oil-based glaze until I had it to the consistency I wanted (sorry, I don’t have measurements for you).


I think it warmed up the kitchen quite a bit!100_3323 The countertops and floors will hopefully be replaced before too long. :-)

I wanted to “antique” them a bit so I mixed regular black craft paint with the glaze and painted it in the grooves.


Added some nice hardware that I bought off of Ebay and voila!

My new kitchen!!

P.S.: We want to put new flooring in the downstairs and I think it will clash with the cabinets. SO, I’m going to be painting my cabinets black with an antique finish. Tutorial will be coming soon!! You know, it’s already been 3 years since I painted them the first time. It’s time, don’t ‘cha think??



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  1. I love the changes, Sandi...you go!

    P.S. I *might* have received some GORGEOUS jewelry from a fabulous lady today! And, I *might* already be planning my next order! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. This looks awesome! I still have a border in my kitchen too. I have painted the kitchens and I have now painted the cabinets. The border is next thing GONE and then I'm going to repaint the kitchen. I hope the border comes down easily and not in pieces!

    Great work and thanks for the motivation!

  3. I love the RED!!! You are inspiring me to get out the paint! :)