Thursday, April 22, 2010

Under Construction

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Well, I’m taking a break from posting for a little while so that I can redesign my blog and my business website. Stay tuned!!  It’s going to be really great when it’s all done!!

Great things are on their way!!!

In the meantime, let’s chat on Twitter. My Twitter name is skoolaid. Follow me!! (I know you’re probably wondering where THAT name came from…..well, a sweet little girl that I met while on a mission trip to New Mexico couldn’t remember how to pronounce my last name so she just called me Mrs Koolaid!  It’s cute, don’t ‘cha think?)

I’ll be blogging again very soon.



Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Perfect pic of bluebonnets Have you ever SMELLED bluebonnets??? Oh, my goodness!! So sweet! No wonder the Bluebonnet is the Official State Flower of the Lone Star State. They’re amazing!!

Bluebonnets as far as you could see…

Fence & bluebonnets

We went for a drive this past weekend and found these gorgeous fields of wildflowers! I couldn’t take enough pictures. My family was giving me the “Come on, Mom” look with each snap, but I was in heaven. These fields were just outside of Brenham, Texas. Can you believe the color?  Feild of Yellow

It was breathtaking!




Ally Jayne & Zach yellow


My two buttercups. My sweet babies.



We were actually on our way to Round Top, Texas ? It just might be the cutest town in Texas. The population sign said there are 77 people that live there. Yes, I said SEVENTY-SEVEN! Adorable!!  I bet the town is pret-ty quiet…..except for 20 days during the year~ Late March/Early April and then again in late September/Early October. That’s when all of Texas, I think, comes to Round Top for shopping. You’ve never seen so many tents! There was furniture, new and old, iron pieces for every purpose imaginable, clothes (the cute boutique-y kind), and so many more things I could not even list. There’s no way to see it all in one day!

I was going for mainly one purpose: to find a hutch for my newly redecorated home office! (It’s my birthday today so I wanted a new piece of furniture!  Yay for me!) We were there 15 minutes, and I’m not exaggerating, and I found it! My husband kept saying, “Are you sure? Because we just got here.” I knew it was “it”. IMG_3456


I was SO excited! The best day to go to Round Top is the last day because they are wheelin’ and dealin’, my friends. They don’t want to take all of that stuff home!



So if you’re ever looking for a fun thing to do with the family or with your girlfriends, Round Top and Brenham are the place to go!

Ally Jayne in yellow 2

Zach in yellow flowers 2

 Good one of Zach  Good one of Ally Jayne




Sweet brother & sister in blue

Happy Spring!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Pain in My Side, Literally!

Okay, when your child has a stomach ache, does Appendicitis ever cross your mind? Just before Christmas, my daughter complained of severe cramping stomach pains. After EMS coming to the house in the middle of the night, a rush trip the next morning to the Pediatrician, and finally a trip to the ER, I really thought she had Appendicitis. Well, false alarm! It was a stomach bug that mimicked appendicitis! Ugh!

Well, little did I know that would be a dry run for the real thing…not with her, but with our son! I’ve had so many friends ask me how we knew what to do so I thought I’d tell you, my blogging friends. Here’s our story:

The last weekend of Spring Break, our son went to a church lock-in and came home complaining of a stomach ache. I gave him a really hard time for eating junk! I mean, I really quizzed him hard about what he ate! I mean it WAS at a pizza and games place for crying out loud! He listed the few things he ate, which would not have caused him to have a stomach ache, but I was skeptical.

All day that day, he complained of nausea and stomach pains. I treated it with TUMS and Maalox and told him to “go sit in the bathroom” because isn’t that what we moms say when our kids feel bad? “Oh, you’ll feel better if you’ll just go to the bathroom and sit there a while.” Why do we do that?? Is it a proven medical treatment to go to the bathroom when you feel bad? Crazy.

Anyway, our son finally vomited in the afternoon that day and he seemed to feel better.  (I know this is gross, but I feel it is important for you to know) When he vomited, it didn’t look like food. It was lime green and very watery. (Clue number 1….that was bile! Yuck!) He then took a really long nap and I thought, “okay, he must just have a touch of a bug”.

That night, he took a shower and said, “Mom, it was really tricky putting on my shorts because it hurts in my stomach when I raise my right knee/leg.”  After quizzing him more, he said when he raised his left leg it didn’t hurt; only the right. (Clue number 2….tenderness only on 1 side)

I asked him to lie down on the couch and let me check his tummy. He was definitely tender. So off to the ER we went.



After a CT Scan to confirm, our son was scheduled for a laparoscopic appendectomy for the next morning at 7:30 a.m..





After surgery and no complications, we were home by 4:30 p.m. that afternoon! Crazy!! Is it me or are does it seem like they perform surgery and send you right out the door not long after you wake up?




When we spoke with the surgeon ( who was FABULOUS!!), he explained why Appendicitis is so difficult to diagnose. He said the appendix does not hurt on it’s own. So you wouldn’t have pain strictly from the appendix. The only time it hurts is when it is touched. And some appendix flip under the intestines or other parts so when you press on the abdomen, you won’t actually pinpoint the location of the pain. We were lucky. 

After a week off from school, our sweet son is now back at school and doing nicely. We are so thankful to God for the insight to catch it early and to get treatment right away. God is good….all the time!