Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Minute School Project

Don't you just love it when your child comes home and proudly announces to the family that he or she "has a project due on Friday"... and it's Wednesday!!!! Okay, do you really think I would be cool, calm, and collected? Yeah, right.

Well, that happened to me last week. My 6th grader has to do these "PRI" projects where they read a book and then make something that represents either a scene or item in the book. Last time it was a diorama (thank goodness for the premade ones at my local get-everything-in-one-stop store). He said the book he read had a bowling scene in it .......and he wanted us to make a bowling cake! WHAT? Okay, after I came down off of the ledge, I said, "Sure, Sweetie, Mom can help you with that- no problem".

I immediately surfed the web and found a sample. Very cute. However, I really didn't get excited about shaving candles to look like bowling pins so we decided to come up with our own version.

I baked and iced the cake and my son did all of the other decorating. He made the lanes out of licorice, the lane markers out of chocolate chips, the balls were gumballs, and the ball-return and the pins were out of fondant (you know, that edible playdough--you can make anything out of that stuff!) He shaped everything! The name of the book was The Million Dollar Strike. He was so proud.....and so was I!

So, Son, it's not just Dad that can do those projects. It's not everyday that you get to make a project that you can actually eat! Look at him....we're so proud of him!


  1. Whoa...he is the future Ace of Cakes! That's great!!!

    So happy you have a blog, Sandi! :) Going to add you to me google reader right now.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of your blog- its so catchy! So excited you entered the blogging world!