Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

When I was growing up, my mother loved to do any type of needlepoint or cross-stitch. There were beautiful pieces of her “craft” all around our house. She would make gorgeous cross-stitched Scriptures or prayers and they would either be hung on the wall or in frames sitting in bookcases or on tabletops. I loved seeing all of them!

There was one thing in particular that I vividly remember seeing. It was a “Home Sweet Home” needlepoint that was framed and she gave it to my grandparents who hung it in their home. Each time we would visit, I loved seeing it. That was many, many years ago. Well, before my husband and I married, I moved back home with my parents for the 6 months before our wedding. I was there with them every day after work and had no clue what my mother was working on. Then, at a bridal shower, she gave me my very own “Home Sweet Home” needlepoint just like the one that hung in my grandparents’ home! I was shocked!! It now hangs in our home and I get to see it everyday!


The thing that I learned by looking closely at the “Home Sweet Home” is that my mother spent many, many hours working tirelessly to make something beautiful and memorable for me and my new family. On the front, it’s perfect! But on the back, there are knots and strings that look very messy. Hard to believe the two even are part of the same gorgeous work.

I think that is how our lives are as moms. We are not always neat and organized, but everything always gets done! Our kids always have food, they may not always have that certain pair of jeans they love, but they have clothes to wear, nonetheless. I think if we could focus more on the big picture and not get so bogged down in the messy day-to-day things, our families would enjoy a lot more fun and laughter and just shear peace.

Why don’t you try this week not to stress about the little things and try focusing on those things that matter? My mom didn’t know at the time that her needlepoint for me would have so much more meaning than just look beautiful on the wall ---but it would be a life lesson not to stress about the “junk” but to look at the overall picture—God makes it all to be beautiful in His time!